We have quite a few pets residing with us in our small apartment. Some of them are there for pleasure, some are part of the family and some work for us. The worms definitely fall into the worker category. We began our worm bin about a year ago and let me tell you, it is great. It was fairly simple. I bought two large, blue plastic tubs, drilled some holes in the bottom and around the top edge, filled it with moist cardboard, a little dirt, then asked around about some worms. We were put in touch with a man who not only provided the worms, but gave us a tour of his giant organic garden and farm, including the outdoor shower.

We have had neither smells nor escapees from our worm bin. They are very polite roommates. While we do not have enough worms to eat all of our scraps (I am considering starting a second bin), but they do¬†eat a surprising amount, and the dirt they produce is first class. I even got my mom, who was sceptical, to take some of my worms for a bin of her own. She was shocked at the affect the ‘worm tea’ had on her plants and is now a believer.

Between the worms and our regional green bin composting program we do not throw away any food scraps. I would love to have an outdoor composter as well, but because we rent it is not feasible right now. I look forward to the day that all of my food scraps become usable compost. What a lovely closed system. Isn’t it great how everything just fits together?