Pre-Spring To Do’s

I think everyone already knows this, but this has been a terrible, cold, snowy winter. It’s been really hard getting motivated to get things done. I know, I’ve said this all before. I know that once the weather gets warm I won’t want to be inside, I will want to be outside gardening, cleaning up the yard and garage, and attacking the once-was-a-pool with full vigour. So, in order to motivate myself and be a little accountable, here is my list of things to get done before the weather is nice. There isn’t a specific end date for this, but the sooner the better!

1. Patch, prime and paint the living room and downstairs hall
2. Bake donuts (I keep wanting to, but then I just eat chocolate instead)
3. Hang art in the office
4. Crochet something (I’ve tried to learn so many times, but I plan to succeed this month)
5. Book window guy (we are getting our windows replaced! It’s very exciting/expensive)

Strange list of goals, I know. Come Spring I will have more exciting and fun goals to strive to complete (I know Spring technically starts soon, but in Ontario it’s never really springish until late April). Maybe I should make a seasonal goal list. That sounds more sustainable than monthly.

Anyone else making goals?