Weekend Stuff

Despite a week of steady rain and cloudy skies the weekend actually turned out quite well. We spent a lot of time outside and did some fun stuff.

We spend Saturday on Toronto Island with a family friend. We’ve never been there before, but it is a really nice spot. You take a 10 minute ferry right from the heart of Toronto and you end up on a beautiful island with parks, trees, beaches and gardens. It’s a place where you can pretend you’ve gone on vacation without really going anywhere.




Sunday was spent with family. We went to a local event called Ribfest. It is put on by the Rotary Club and it seems to be getting to be a really big event. We went on rides, and ate ribs. It was a deliciously fun time!
We also ate the last of last summer’s cottage caught fish on Friday.


This is a sure sign that it’s time to get back to the cottage! How many days left of school again?

P.S. I’m still getting the hang of taking pictures on my phone, hence the crooked pictures!

Week Wrap Up

I’m trying to get stuff done. We got the master bedroom painted. That was a huge accomplishment since each wall had about a thousand holes that needed to be plastered. I’m not kidding. I think the previous owner used every available surface as a dart board. We still have no trim because. We’re just going to live without it until we replace the floor and window. The colour looks really purple in the picture, but it’s actually a soft blue.


This weekend we were planning on going to an heirloom plant sale, but it’s been cancelled. Just as well, because other things have quickly filled the time slot. I’ve discovered a new farmer’s market that we’re going to check out on Saturday and then it’s off to the passport to get a new one before the trip. Hopefully that doesn’t eat up the whole day!

I hope your weekend is sunny, restful and wonderful!