Wedding Tomorrow!



Well tomorrow is the big day. Finally. I feel like we’ve been waiting forever for it. I’m trying not to sweat over the little things and to enjoy the moment. It will be beautiful, and unforgettable no matter what.

We have family and friends who came early to help set things up. There is food to be made, photos to be taken, tents to be pitched. So much planning and work have gone into this day. So much thought and imagining. And here it is, nearly here.

I’m excited to be marrying my best friend and I am nervous to be doing it in front of so many people. I am happy that so many wanted to come celebrate this moment with us, but I am worried we forgot something.

The day will proceed and at the end of it Kurt and I will be married and that is all that matters. That is what I will try to keep in mind through the stress and nerves!

There will be pictures next week!