Lentil Burgers

I finally succeeded at making a burger that held together. I’m so proud. It started with a desire to use up some of our mountains of green lentils, since Kurt revealed to me recently that he doesn’t like them. I stumbled upon a recipe for lentil and rice burgers. Sadly we had to chuck the rice because it had bugs in it (yuck). I checked the cupboard and decided couscous would be a good stand in. I cooked the lentils, and hydrated the couscous. I then busted out our new food processor that we got for Christmas. This was one of the other reasons I chose this recipe. Before we got thing it seemed I needed one every other day, now that we have one I didn’t use it for a month. Go figure. Anyways, I put the lentils, one egg, some ketchup, grainy mustard, onion compote, a handful of spinach and cumin in and buzzed it all up. I added the couscous (with some TVP thrown in for good measure) at the end. This is what I got:


I formed it into patties, cooked them on the cast iron until brown on each side then put them in the oven for about 15 minutes at 375.

Here’s the end result:


They are green, which is a little weird, but I hear green things are very in right now. They are great either on a bun, or just by itself. They actually were very similar to a falafel, so would be great with those types of toppings. The only problem is, I now have to keep buying green lentils!

Quinoa Burgers

We went through our pantry items a while ago and discovered we had a boatload of quinoa. It’s one of those foods that super good for you, but I have a really hard time finding ways to cook it. I wish I liked it enough to just eat plain, but I definitely don’t. This recipe is great because it you can do a lot with it. Here’s the link. I pretty much stuck to the recipe. I used grated carrot, much less cottage cheese (I only had a little), added some chopped spinach and used two eggs instead of three. Also, mine look terrible compared to the links. Seriously, how do people make their veggie burgers look so nice? There must be a secret that no one is telling me. As for toppings, we put spinach and Kurt’s latest batch of feta. I thought afterwards that I should have put some black olives and oregano in the burgers, maybe next time.


I forgot to take a picture of them all topped and plated, we were very hungry!

Alternative Burgers

Yesterday I was in the mood for burgers. I thought about what was in the pantry that would lend itself nicely to a burger and landed on quinoa. I looked up a recipe online, found one that sounded interesting and that we had most of the ingredients for so I wouldn’t have to substitute too wildly. It was kind of a weird recipe because it had cottage cheese in it, but hey, I love cottage cheese. The burgers weren’t great. They were very mushy, so very hard to flip and they had very little flavour. The texture was decent. They were more like pancakes with onions and spinach in them than burgers.

I have been making bean, veggie or grain burgers for a while now. I’ve tried quite a few different recipes, but I haven’t come across anything that I wanted to make again. Maybe I’m just expecting too much. I think next time I will try to invent my own. I make lentil loaf that is fantastic, maybe I just have to make it into patties instead. That might work. If you have a great burger recipe, please share!