Summer Slow Down

Our summers are usually fiercely busy and therefore go by way to fast. The main problem is that we try to stretch ourselves too thin. We spend most of the summer in Northern Ontario where our parents live. We then split our time between Kurt’s father’s camp, his mother’s house and my mom’s. Plus there are also other random people to spend time with. This all equals a lot of driving around and being stretched thin. It’s hard because we want to be able to spend time with everyone, but on the other hand summer is our vacation time so we should be able to relax.

This summer will be especially busy because we have our trip to Belize, then our wedding, plus we have our own home now that we will likely spend some time at.

But this summer I’m going to make a conscious effort for things to be different. I would like to slow down and enjoy my time with my family. I will say no to some things, and try to leave time to be spontaneous. I am going to try to savour every last minute of my summer. I’m going to try to have this attitude during wedding preparations also. Hopefully I can succeed at my mission!