Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes with Strawberry Syrup

I love pancakes. When I travel in the States I always check if there will be an IHOP near where I am going. I once stayed at a place in New Jersey for 3 days and ate breakfast there every single day. I have requested birthday pancakes for two years in a row now (birthday cake pancakes, and red velvet pancakes: both wonderful).


I was going to save this recipe for my birthday next month, but I couldn’t wait.


The verdict. I actually wasn’t overly impressed with the pancakes themselves. I didn’t think there were enough poppyseeds or much of a lemony zing. I did alter the recipe a tiny bit since I didn’t have buttermilk I just added to milk in with the lemon juice first and let it sit for 5 minutes. I also added some more milk at the end since the batter was super thick. So, next time, more poppyseeds, more lemon and more milk! The sauce was the saving grace though. I didn’t actually follow the recipe at all on this. I just pureed one of our jars of preserved strawberries, put it on a pot with a bit of sugar and corn starch and heated it up until it was thick. Yum!

You could also use jam and just add some water to thin it, or obviously, the recipe in the link.


It was so special we put it in this guy:


And we only save him for special occasions.


In all I will make them again, but now I am on the hunt for another recipe for my birthday. Any ideas?