Winter Veggie Storage

This year we are doing something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but couldn’t because we didn’t have a basement of our own. We are trying to store enough root veggies to see us though the winter. This time of year the grocery store is practically giving some vegetables away. We bought 10 pounds of carrots, 10 pounds of onions and 20 pounds of potatoes, all for $2 each.

For the onions we just left them in the meshy bag they come in and stuck in the cold room. We will definitely need to get more onions, but they might get even cheaper so we will wait and see. For the potatoes we layered them in milk crates with layers of newspaper in between. The carrots were a little trickier. All of the sources we read told us to layer them in sand with no carrot touching. The sand is supposed to be damp. We used sand from our yard (around the pool is all nice clean sand). We used an old dog food bucket that was in our garage when we moved in (it’s clean, don’t worry).




So now our cold room is fairly well stocked with vegetables, and canned tomatoes. We’re hoping this will save us money though the year and reduce our rate of running out of onion mid meal prep. I would also like to get sweet potatoes and some squash. We will also be adding apples to the mix soon, but we’ve read that those can’t be stored near potatoes or carrots, so we’re not too sure what to do about that yet. So we’re almost ready for winter, food wise. Personally, I’m never ready!