Spring Garden

That time of year I waited and waited for has finally arrived. The snow has melted (all but a stubborn bit of ice blocking access to our shed), the grass is starting to awaken and the sun beckons me to come outside.

There are no flowers yet, but our strawberry plants look very alive and the garlic I planted so long ago in the fall has little green shoots sticking up in rows. I don’t remember planted so many cloves. We even noticed that one of the elephant garlics we planted last spring shot up! Also our carrots from last summer finally grew, though the frost has since killed them. We are just no good with carrots.



To speed things along we have started some seeds in the house. The tomatoes don’t seem to be doing anything, but everything else has little green stems. We even are trying to start some sweet potatoes. We stuck them in a jar with one end in water and there are now some little roots poking out!




Our birch sap has started to run as well. Birch syrup and garlic for all!

It’s so nice to be back to the season of new life, rather than looking out to yet another snow storm. My heart goes out to my Mom. Her town is still buried under several feet of snow!