A Little Spring in my Step

After many teases and a few April snow storms I think Spring might actually be here. The weekend started out rainy and awful, but on Sunday the sun actually showed itself for a little while. Long enough for us to go to a few garage sales (where I got a box of antique blue glass canning jars for FREE!!!).
Though we didn’t get anything on my list done this weekend, I did pick up these guys:

If you look closely you will see a 50% off sticker on the tulips! I also got the daffodils thrown in for free, since they were almost done blooming. Once the weather’s nice I’m going to plant them in the front garden and then (hopefully) next Spring…BAM, colour! Spring flowers are my favourite because they pop up just when you think nothing outside will be pretty again.

Hopefully where ever you live things are looking a little less bleak!