Projects on the Go

I don’t know if it’s the weather or just the time of year, but I’ve been feeling the need to get things done. Last weekend we bought and installed the kitchen faucet we’ve been meaning to change since we moved in. I’m also trying to finish up the little things that I started, but never quite completed.



This is a throw pillow I started months ago, but kept getting frustrated with and putting off. Somehow the case ended up being way too big for the pillow form I made it for, so I had to make a pillow to stuff in it. I sewed up the last corner, so I can call this one done!


Here is a craft I’ve been trying to do for a little while. I saw it here. For a long time I couldn’t find the heart shape that I needed, but then I found heart-shaped dream catchers at the dollar store that were perfect. I’ve since started, messed up and had to re-do this a few times. It’s going better this time around, so I’m hopeful I will it finished.

I’m itching to start a new project. If I can find wool roving I’m going to try my hand at this (since I’ve been looking for artificial billy balls everywhere and can’t find them). But then again, something else may catch my eye before that happens. We will just have to wait and see!

Starting a Quilt

I’ve decided to make another quilt for our bed. I thought I would go through what I do in the beginning of the quilt making process.

Firstly, I choose a pattern. These days I usually just check out my sewing Pinterest board to do this. I’m thinking this pattern right now, but I hold the right to change my mind (many times).

Next I choose colours. To do this I either randomly pick what I think would look nice, use a picture of a quilt for inspiration, or else use a piece of fabric. I actually really like the colours of the quilt I linked to above, so I’m thinking of going with blues and chartreuse. Either that or blues with hits of coral. Not sure yet.


The last step before any actual work starts is to start building a collection of fabric to use. Sometimes Daisy helps.


First I start with what I already have. I choose one that catches my eye and look for others that look good with it. Once I know what I have I can start looking for more fabric. I don’t really have a good fabric store near me so I will probably be looking online this time around. I’m thinking it will be much harder to get the tone right, but I’m hoping for the best! If anyone has any favourite fabric websites let me know!

Into the Fire

I’ve always wanted to sew. My mom is great a sewing and I’ve always just gone to her and said, “this is what I want”. This past summer, however, I walked into the fabric store and decided to learn for myself. Not that I have never made anything before, there have been faltering attempts over the years. In particular I remember a sock rabbit that I made for a brownie badge back in the day. This time, I wanted to make a quilt. A queen sized quilt. Which, it turns out, is a fairly big undertaking, especially for a beginner. Here is the final product:

Anyone with cats knows that when there is something new, they immediately have to get in on the action.

Here is a shot of the back, which I love and am slightly sad that it is covered all the time.

My mom helped a lot with the quilt, since I had no clue what I was doing. She would go back and fix any mistakes I made if they were major, but we kept a lot of my crooked lines and small mistakes, because hey, it’s a first attempt and it shouldn’t be perfect.

I also made a baby quilt one day because my mom was at work and I couldn’t proceed on the big quilt without her. I had all the momentum going and didn’t want to lose it. This baby is all me.

I’ve already started thinking about my next projects. I honestly think that it’s like an addiction, solely fed be pinterest and the fabric stores with all of the pretty, pretty patterns. Luckily, we don’t have a good fabric store near-by, so the only fuel for my addiction is the stuff I stock-piled this summer, and at least it’s a productive addiction.

Does anyone else out there have the sewing bug? How do you resist the draw of the fabric store? If Jo Anne’s ever opens stores in Canada I will have a serious problem.