Seed Favours

Another thing crossed off the list. I finished the wedding favours! It was really simply once I actually got around to it.


The things I used were glassine bags from etsy (can’t seem to find the shop right now), two types of washi tape from here
, a stamp from Michaels and a mix of wild flowers seeds. I made the mix of seeds by buying a bunch of different seed packs and mixing them together. I would recommend trying to buy an actual bag of wildflower seeds if you can find them because it takes ALOT of little seed packets to get anything at all. You could even do herb seeds, though you may need to provide some growing instructions


Daisy helped.


All I did was scoop a little bit of seed mix into each tiny bag, roll down the top then add a bit of tape. Afterwards I lined them all up and stamped them (I could do 4 bags with each ink application). I had to leave them out to dry for a while because the ink smeared fairly easily.



At the wedding I will have them displayed in some way with a sign saying something like “Spread the love. Scatter and enjoy”.

This was a really inexpensive project and it didn’t any more than an hour from beginning to end, but it is something handmade and special that reflects the nature of the wedding.

Now onto the next project!