Bad Week= Cheesecake

This week and last week have been pretty stressful. Homer (the cat) has been sick so we’ve been going to the vet several times a week for fluids. Now we’re on to 4 times daily meds which are a delight, let me tell you. It’s really hard hearing all the words the vet bats out like they’re nothing. They seem to like to list all possibilities, even if they are remote. Anyways, the little guy seems to be on the mend right now. So in celebration yesterday was cheesecake day. I saw cream cheese on sale and figured I’d make something that’s been sitting on my Pinterest board for a few weeks.

Here’s the recipe:

It promised to be delicious and easy. Well, delicious it was. Easy, nowhere close. It would probably be a little easier if you had store-bought dulce de leche as they had in the recipe, but I have no idea where to get that and I just happened to have a can of sweeten condensed milk sitting in my cupboard with no plans. I once saw Michael Smith make dulce de leche simply by placing a can of condensed milk in a pot of simmering water for a while. It looked so easy, but since I know that when you heat up a can all the lovely harmful chemicals from the lining are seeping into you food (it even said not to do this on the side of the can), I decided to go a different route. I googled it. The process was to dump the milk into a bowl and microwave for specific times and intervals, one being 16 minutes. I set Kurt to making the crust at the same time. Despite a watchful eye it boiled over (sooooo sticky). Eventually it tasted carmelly, though it never changed to the colour in the picture with the instruction. So, that was 20 minutes spent just creating an ingredient. The rest was easy, until it came to melting the caramels. Maybe I used the wrong kind. I just used the cube, clear wrapped ones, but they didn’t melt very well. There were definite hard lumps. Finally it was assembled and chilled.

Even to the bitter end this thing caused trouble: it is almost impossible to get out of the pan. I think making it in a springform would have helped, but then you wouldn’t be able to have smaller pieces, which is necessary as this thing is sweet. I just followed the directions and used a brownie pan. So, in closing, the reward for my stressful week turned out to be annoyingly stressful. I think I will eat out tonight :S .