Quinoa Burgers

We went through our pantry items a while ago and discovered we had a boatload of quinoa. It’s one of those foods that super good for you, but I have a really hard time finding ways to cook it. I wish I liked it enough to just eat plain, but I definitely don’t. This recipe is great because it you can do a lot with it. Here’s the link. I pretty much stuck to the recipe. I used grated carrot, much less cottage cheese (I only had a little), added some chopped spinach and used two eggs instead of three. Also, mine look terrible compared to the links. Seriously, how do people make their veggie burgers look so nice? There must be a secret that no one is telling me. As for toppings, we put spinach and Kurt’s latest batch of feta. I thought afterwards that I should have put some black olives and oregano in the burgers, maybe next time.


I forgot to take a picture of them all topped and plated, we were very hungry!