Beans and Rice

Beans and rice is something I make quite often because it’s easy, it all goes in one pot (except if you use dried beans) and it tastes even better the next day for lunches.
My method is pretty simple. I soak some beans a day or two ahead of time in the fridge. I use whatever kind I have, black, kidney, this time I used mung beans, which worked out really well because they are tiny so they cook fast. Mung beans are also good for those who don’t really like beans because you hardly notice that they are there.
I chop an onion and put in an oiled pot to brown, then add some chopped garlic (I used two cloves), and a chopped pepper or two (whatever colour you have). I then add some spices, usually cumin and chili powder and a bay leaf, but you can get creative. I let it cook for a bit then add a can of chopped tomatoes. I throw in however much rice I want, then add broth or water and a few splashes of hot sauce. Let it cook, stirring every once in a while to prevent it from sticking. If it looks like it’s getting too dry add more broth or water. Once the rice is cooked it is ready.
We either eat it on tortillas, or by itself with cheese grated on top.

The picture isn’t great so I threw in one of Daisy in her new favorite spot to make up for it. Enjoy!



Kale Pesto

Our garden kale is growing really well. Luckily it has escaped the notice of the wascilly wabbit visiting us at night (sadly, our carrots did not fare so well). I saw a recipe for kale pesto and decided to try it. I usually do not like pesto because I do not like strong basil flavour and pine nuts make my mouth feel weird (it’s a condition called ‘pine nut syndrome’, seriously). Anyways, I don’t like pesto, but Kurt really does so I thought I would try this.


It was super easy to put together, you just put kale, toasted walnuts, lemon juice, parmesan, salt, garlic and olive oil in the food processor and buzz it all together. It took me maybe 10 minutes, and that includes toasting the walnuts and washing the kale. I just cooked some pasta the put it over and baked some sweet potatoes for a simple, healthy meal.


As for how it tastes, well it is fairly strong. If you don’t like kale very much you might try doing half kale and half spinach, or basil. We like kale (or at least have grown used to it) and so we enjoyed it. It’s a super quick and really healthy thing to make in a hurry, plus the left over pesto can be used for a bunch of things. Be creative.

Give it a try, you might like it!

Weekday Meals

I’m going to try to post a super quick meal idea once a week. This is the kind of meal that can be put together with just a tiny bit of work. It is tasty and can be ready in under 20 minutes. We ate it with biscuits and a salad.


Cheddar, White Bean and Broccoli Soup

– chop up a bunch of broccoli (mine had 3 heads), one onion and a clove of garlic
– boil it all in just enough water to cover
– once the broccoli is tender use a glass measuring cup (or a slotted spoon, or a ladle) and remove about half of the vegetables, set these aside
– take off the heat
Рpur̩e the remaining stuff
– throw everything else back in
– add about a cup of white beans (use your best judgement based on how much broccoli you have)
– put back on medium heat
– add about a cup of cream, milk or broth (water would work too, but would be less flavourful)
– add half a cup of cheddar (or however much you want!)


Lazy Friday Dinner

Sometimes, on Friday night, or really any other long, busy day, it’s perfectly okay to just grab a bunch of food out of your fridge, throw it only a plate and call it antipasto. I was calling it toddler food, but I think this name makes it more acceptable. Heres’s our example:


We each took half the bowls and chose something to fill them. I chose kiwi, avocado and clementines. Kurt chose pickled carrots, sharp cheddar, and dill pickled. We also had a venison steak on the side (a gift from a hunter in the family…we do eat meat sometimes). This kind of meal is especially great if you’re moving soon and don’t want to move all of the preserves you got for Christmas from people, also if you want to clean out your fridge.