Bathroom Renos

I had all these plans about the order we were going to renovate our house in. The bathroom was fairly low on the list, but then I decided to re-caulk the tub.

After that I figured I should just go ahead and fix the black chips in the tub, since that was just a little job too. I used a product called Mr. Touchup. It looks just like nail polish and you apply it the same way, after cleaning and sanding. It did a fantastic job.

I thought after that I would fix the chips in the sink, but then I realized even if I fixed them there would still be a rust stain from the overflow drain. This was when I started looking at sink prices. If we were getting a new sink, we might as well have a new faucet since the one we have is old and gross.

At Home Depot, when buying the sink and faucet (got both for $80!), I saw that the porcelain tile we had always admired was on major sale….so now we have 3 cases of tile waiting to be installed. Waiting mainly because we do not know how to install tile…

I also replaced the toilet seat. It made me feel useful while I was sitting around waiting for Kurt to fix the faucet after I ‘installed it’ (don’t tell anyone, but I had to watch a YouTube video to find out how to do it).

That is the story of how a few tiny jobs can turn into a major renovation. Be warned.



**Note the expertly installed toilet seat**