Freezing Tomatoes- Part 1

Earlier in the summer I got a great deal on tomatoes. I bought 25 pounds of romas for 7 dollars. I just canned them whole, because I used a lot of canned tomatoes. I was planning on making the rest of my tomato products when I got back (I spent the summer at my mom’s), since I wanted to freeze them and didn’t want to have to travel with frozen stuff. Anyways, since I’ve been back I’ve been looking for romas. Turns out, not only was I too late, since the growing season here is so much earlier, but since my mom lives in a city that’s, like 60% Italian, they just weren’t so plentiful here. Finally when I did find some, they were really expensive and not nice looking. I decided to try regular tomatoes. I got probably about 30+ pounds of ‘seconds’ for 10 dollars. A few had woody spots and they were dirty, but good otherwise. Most of them were great, mostly meat, with very few seeds, but I did find it much easier to core the romas.

Anyways, so far I’ve made paste and pizza sauce. I decided to freeze and not jar it all because I use so little at a time and I don’t like jars sitting open in the fridge for a long time, I also don’t like using those itty bitty jars because it seems like such a waste of a lid.

For the sauce, I just made my regular pizza sauce, with the skinned and cored tomatoes, onions, garlic and some herbs, then I put it in the blender. I simmered it for a few hours, then poured it into a silicone muffin tin and put in the freezer. Once they were frozen I popped them out and put them into a freezer bag. This way I have just enough for one pizza at a time.


The paste was pretty easy, but ridiculously messy. I peeled (by first scalding and them shocking in ice water) and cored the tomatoes, put them in the blend, then  put them in a roasting pan in the oven at 425. It took a few hours. You know it’s done because you can draw a line with a spoon and it stays. I froze this the same at the sauce, but used a silicone ice pop mold, since the muffin tin was in use.


I still have about half the tomatoes left, so next I think I will be oven-roasting some…stay tuned.