Christmas Pinecone Craft

I know it might be a little early still for some of you. Especially you Americans who haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet. Well we had Thanksgiving a long, long time ago, so I’m ready again for the festive spirit.

Here is a cute little craft that would be great to do with kids.


All I did was gather pine cones (which is half the fun). Make sure you find the fat round ones. Take some craft pompoms (from the dollar store) and glue them onto your pine cone to look like little Christmas trees.



*Note my elf legs above

After they are dry you can either use them as a centerpiece, attach string and make them into a garland, or hang them from you tree.


Another idea, which I haven’t done because good pine cones are hard to come by in these parts, but that I remember doing in school is to spray paint your pine cones metallic colours than attach a ribbon to hang them from the tree. You can even spray them with adhesive and then pour glitter on them. I’m planning on doing this as soon as I come across more cones (or think of something else to glitter up).

This is a super quick craft for little kids with little patience, but even if you don’t have kids around, it is fun and cute!