Experimentation Bars

I have a confession to make…I’ve never made rice crispie squares. I have another confession to make…I don’t think I ever will. I made something close today, but I would classify it as a failed attempt. We lack storage in our new kitchen so I’m trying to use up the odds and ends lying around. We’ve had half a bag of marshmallows for longer than I’d care to admit (I think their age contributed to my failure). We also have the world’s largest box of holiday rice crispies (please don’t judge). I’ve come to learn that just because it’s dirt cheap doesn’t mean I need to buy it. Anyways, I decided to combine these two things with some peanut butter and a little coconut oil (in lieu of butter). The marshmallows were impossible to work with. In the end I ended up kneading rice crispies into the hard dough then mashing it into the pan. Seriously frustrating. Strangely, after some chocolate ganache and some fridge time, they seem alright. Not a recipe, err, random creation, I would repeat, but edible.