Goals Update- December



My November goals went fairly well. I finished Christmas shopping and prepping the garden for winter. We are nearly done the last bedroom (just one more coat) and we also have the upstairs hall plastered and ready for paint. I am a couple of days short of finishing my yoga challenge because we’ve been super busy lately, but I am going to finish this week. I really enjoyed doing yoga and I actually noticed that I feel a lot stronger (especially my core), flexible and mindful of my body so I’d like to continue doing it.

As for December goals, I am not going to go crazy since we will be away for part of the month and I want to leave room for holiday stuff (like lots of cocoa!)

So here are my December goals:
1. Replace the kitchen faucet (it’s been leaking badly), finish painting and put the rooms back in order (there is furniture everywhere!)
2. Use up pantry items in preparation for operation Kitchen Clean-up (coming soon)
3. Begin taking probiotics and daily vitamins to prepare for staying healthy during holiday travel
4. Slow down, relax and spend quality time with family during holiday season

Is anyone else setting goals this month? How do you try to keep yourself motivated?