Moving Update


Phew…so busy. Well, we’re all moved in and it was very exhausting! Luckily my mom was here to help with all the cleaning. We’re still unpacking a few things and there are a couple of things that are still missing in action (one of the hazards of having other people help unpack I guess). There is a lot that needs to be done, but most of it can be done gradually over time. I will post some pictures later once I get things cleaned up a little more.


As I’ve mentioned we are moving soon, a week from Saturday to be exact. Before that we are going away for a little while (sadly, not somewhere warm). So this week I’ve been packing. I hate packing for trips, but I actually don’t mind packing to move. I think it’s nice to go through everything, get rid of some stuff and fit the rest nicely into boxes. The cats, on the other hand are oscillating between being overjoyed with jumping in boxes and glaring at me for taking out suitcases (they know suitcases mean travel, which they hate).
We will be getting back Wednesday, going to the lawyer’s to sign the papers and then getting the keys Friday. It’s very exciting!