Meal Planning- Again

I know, I’ve written a lot about meal planning. This time, though, I think I finally have found a system that works well for us. It is flexible enough that we can have variety, but concrete enough that it can be relied upon. I based it around the things that we were usually eating anyways. The idea is that each week night has a sort of theme. Anything can be cooked and eaten that night as long as it involves the theme. This ensures that our meals are healthy and well rounded. It also works out well that we can use a variety of ingredients (whatever’s on sale/in the fridge) for many of the meals so I don’t have to shop specifically for the meals unless there’s something special I want to make. I can also still try new recipes, since they can easily be fit it.
So without further ado, here it is:

Monday- Eggs
Tuesday- Stir fry
Wednesday- Curry
Thursday- Pasta
Friday- Tacos

Mondays are the hardest, mainly because Kurt doesn’t really like eggs, but I do and they are very quick and easy. Other than that I think it is fairly self-explanatory. On the weekends we are often away, or have company so we can plan for that based on the situation.

I really like having the structure. It makes things reliable and stable (in an increasingly unstable world). The world (at least the blogs I read and Pinterest) seem a little obsessed with meal planning, but it honestly makes life easier. What’s your strategy?

Meal Schedule

Since I’ve been planning our meals I thought I’d try sharing the meal list just to give you an idea of how I do it. This weeks features will concentrate on the leftovers from the 13.36 pound turkey my Dad cooked to feed 4 people on Saturday.
Monday- turkey veggie soup with Isreali couscous
Tuesday- turkey veggie fried rice
Wednesday- fish tacos
Thursday- fried stuffing and baked sweet potatoes
Friday- turkey shepherd’s pie
Saturday- out of town
Sunday- left overs

Hopefully there is enough variations that we won’t get too sick of the T word, but if we do, we can freeze some and re-jig the schedule. We’ll see how it goes!

Meal Planning

*Note* I thought I published this post days ago, for some reason it just stayed in my draft folder, sorry!

Last week we tried something new. After a couple of weeks of, “what should we do for dinner?” being thrown around a lot and a few meals of Jamaican patties I finally decided we needed to try to plan our meals. This just involves writing out 7 days worth of meals that we can have. I do this after we go shopping because we pretty much only buy food that’s on sale. I create meals based on what we already have. We don’t cook the type of food that requires specific ingredients, and causes people to have to rush out to the store before dinner because they are missing that one crucial thing. We create meals around whats in the kitchen, substitute or just throw a bunch of things in the pot and see what happens. Really though we just cook simple food so by buying a few staple things, there are always a lot of meal options.

Last week it worked really well. If one night the listed meal was not what we felt like eating, we just had left overs, or something else. It wasn’t a big deal. I think the key is to not have it written in stone so that you feel limited. It was great to have a plan though and to have an idea so that if we didn’t know what we wanted there was something already thought about. It really decreased the amount of staring forlornly into the fridge and thinking that there was nothing in there. It also seemed to lower the amount of vegetables sitting in the fridge aging, but this may have more to do with the fact that the grocery store sales have been crappy lately so we haven’t been buying much (this is probably a good thing).

This week is already planned and the food is bought so we are ready to go! Hopefully the week goes just as well as last week meal wise.