Kitchen Dreaming

Our kitchen drives me crazy. There are so many things that bother me about it. One of the biggest is that it could be so great, but whoever designed it originally just did a terrible job. There is so much wasted space. It is nearly impossible for both me and Kurt to work in the kitchen at the same time (at least without me getting frustrated). Another thing that really bugs me is that at this point there is almost nothing I can do about it because kitchens are expensive, and there are other priorities right now. So, all that is left to do is dream. And Pin. A lot.




Here are the kitchens that I dream about, that will someday (hopefully not too far away) be inspiration for our new, beautiful, two-cook friendly kitchen.

We plan to tear out a wall and replace it with a peninsula, like this or this.

We plan on having pops of colour, like this or this.

We plan on having open shelving like this or this.

And we`d like to sort of build-in the fridge like this or this.

To see the rest of the things I like, here is my kitchen specific Pinterest page. It grows by the day.