Still Sick…

It’s been a few weeks now. On Friday I went to the clinic and was given antibiotics for a sinus infection. The antibiotics made me horribly sick (gastro stuff), so last night I went to the ER and after waiting forever they told me to stop taking the pills. Gee, thanks. So now I’m further back than when I started because I’m sicker, but just have to wait it out.

In other news, we put an offer in on a house, but didn’t get it because despite ours being the only offer the sellers came back with a price way over asking price. What?!? Clearly they’re crazy, it’s the only logical explanation. We were shocked and now we’re a little put off by the whole real estate thing. I guess all we can do is keep looking (though the market is really slow right now and there are almost no houses going up) and saving our money for a down-payment little by little.

I’ve been trying to post food related stuff but I haven’t really been eating, since food makes my stomach feel like wild animals reside in it. I doubt you want to recipe for broth and rice that has become a staple. Maybe tomorrow. Here’s hoping.