Canning Apple Sauce

Last weekend was an extra productive one for us. We ripped the carpets out from our whole upstairs (holy cow it was gross, straining and time consuming), and painted a bathroom. We also managed to make apple sauce, pumpkin butter and cinnamon buns.

For apple sauce this year I did something new, using my tomato mill. This was great because it saved all that peeling and coring time, also it allows for much higher yields, because less is lost. It does, however, lead to less pure looking apple sauce. There are some slight dots of red in there. So I wouldn’t use this method if you plan to enter your sauce in the county fair.

We used a huge variety of apples. We always pick whatever tastes and looks good when we go picking, but then forget the names and which ones are which by the time we get home. I personally don’t think it matters much. Again, not for the county fair.


All we did was wash them, cut them into eights and throw the pieces into a pot with about a cup of water. Cook until the apples are squishy, then pass it all through the food mill. Don’t burn yourself. I also put the ‘waste’ mush through a couple times, but this depends on your mill and if you’re fine with ‘B’ grade sauce.


If it’s not as thick as you’d like it you can cook it down, but I just put mine into hot, sterilized jars, lidded them and then processed for 10 minutes.



I use my homemade applesauce in baking as a replacement for oil and just for eating.