Ginenttis (Italian Anisette Cookies)

The town I’m from is heavily populated with Italians, in fact Kurt is half Italian. Around Christmas time there are two Italian staples that show up at every gathering: Thai plates (which are actually pizelles, but we call them Thai plates) and Ginettis (which the internet seems to think are called Italian Anisette Cookies, go figure).


The best way I can describe these cookies, if you don’t happen to be from my town, is sort of like a sweet biscuit. They are light and not too sweet.


Despite the name, you will not find anything remotely anise-y in my cookies, or my house for that matter, since there are few things I abhor more that black licorice flavour. You can use whatever extract you want. I split the batch in half and put vanilla in half and orange and vanilla in the other. The dough is very bland so you really do need to add something.


Here’s the recipe I used. It’s not a perfect recipe. Definitely do not use the amount of baking soda it calls for, I would cut it in half, or else you will taste it. Also, I didn’t use shortening, I just replaced it with more margarine. I think butter would also work just fine. I left the dough fairly sticky and wet my hands before rolling. This worked pretty well.