Spring Time Dreaming

The weather has been crap lately. We still have quite a bit of snow and a lot of ice. The sun has definitely not been shining. This is the time of year that farmer’s of yesteryear would pull out the seed catalogues and start planning to help get through the drear of winter. I’ve been doing this mentally, since I don’t really have a seed catalogue.
I’m not positive that we will get to a garden this year since we have such a busy summer and probably won’t be around enough to tend to it, but it could happen. We’d really love to since we live in a green belt and we are always amazed at what gardens here can produce.
I’d love to have a mix of things that can be stored (potatoes, carrots, maybe yams) and things that can be eaten fresh in the summer (spinach, peas, broccoli). I’d also love to try kale, since I’ve heard you can keep it on into the winter, and we eat a lot of kale.
For now I’m stuck with the cold and snow, but spring is just around the corner (I hope).