Apple Round-Up

At the beginning of the month we went apple picking. We picked a little more than a half bushel, all of them honey crisp. The orchard had more varieties available at the time, but honey crisp are hard to find (and expensive) in stores, so that’s what we went with. I figured it was the best value. We were planning just to eat them, rather than preserve, bake or freeze, mainly because we still have apple stuff left from last year. It was a lot of apples though. One day we will haveĀ a cold room, and we will pick bushels and bushels of apples to see up through the year. These particular apples, however, sat in their bag in a corner of the dining room. The other day I went through them, mostly to make sure Daisy hadn’t bite any more holes into them. I discovered that about half of our apples had some sort of pox. There were little brown dots all over them. I quickly separated them from them good ones (isn’t there a saying about one rotten apple?). For the past few days the pox apples have been sitting on the counter, while I decided to do with them. Kurt claimed they were great to eat still as long as you cut the skin off, but I figured we should probably concentrate on eating the good apples, before they too became weird.

Today was the day. I was tired of them sitting there. There were around 20 large apples that I needed to use. I decided to make sauce, since our apple sauce from last year doesn’t taste great, so I only use it for baking. Peeling, coring and slicing them all was a lot of work by myself, but I got in done. The sauce smelled absolutely amazing cooking on the stove. It tastes fantastic too, it’s a little sour, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to cook with it though.

When I ran out of room in my pot for apples, I put the rest into freezer bags, so we’re definitely well equipped with apples for the year. I’m also doing something really interesting with the scraps. I will post more about that later on.