Felted Wool Billy Balls

I mentioned last week that I was hoping to make some of these cute little guys, shown on Dans le Townhouse. I actually was pretty motivated, so I started and finished this weekend.

I found the roving at a local yarn shop. It didn’t actually say roving on it, but the lady told me it would work, plus it was only three dollars!


I did just what the tutorial told me (make a ball out of some roving, put some dish soap on it, and then dunk in hot and cold water repeatedly, rolling gently in between). I had a lot of trouble preventing large gaps where the wool joined so I added small pieces of wool to fill them. For the small holes I tried to gently rub them to try to knit the fibers together. Obviously, I had a lot of trouble with getting them all the same size.


I made six, with plans to use five as flower and give one to the cats (which I later reconsidered when I realized this increased the likelihood of them destroying my flowers).

For the stems I knew I didn’t want to use wire because I didn’t want them to be too droopy (I also didn’t want to have to go searching for it). I was initially planning on using some stalks from the tall grasses in the backyard, but they just didn’t look right. I looked at some pictures of the real flower and saw some where the stems looked kind of like sticks. This inspired me to grab some of the fallen branches from the backyard and try those.

They worked, but it was rather tricky. I had issues with breakage and it was a lot harder to wiggle the sticks in that it would have been with wire.


In the end I could only get three to work. The others just wouldn’t stay on their sticks. I will save them for something else. I think three looks just fine.