What I Learned from My Diet

My elimination diet is officially over. Here are the things I learned about myself, food and life in general though the process:
– flax milk is horrible and should not have ever been invented
– despite what everyone else seems to think, Bob’s Gluten Free All Purpose flour was, in my opinion, gross
– surprisingly with all of the restrictions, what I missed most was eggs
– also surprisingly, I did not crave anything
– life without an after school snack is almost not worth living
– when offered a donut, I am capable of saying no
– the time and money needed to eat healthy on a restricted diet is really shocking
– gluten-free products are almost all rice
– the second ingredient in Rice Crispies is sugar (silly me thought they were just rice)

And the most important thing I learned (the entire point of this endeavour):

– from what I can tell I have no food allergies or sensitivities, other than those I already knew of (whole wheat flour, pork and high fat foods).

I wish there were an ending to this story, but currently there is not!

Elimination Diet Update

Well it has been a little over a week and the results are in. I don’t feel better at all. My hives are still there and my tummy troubles haven’t subsided. I’m keeping it up for now because maybe something will change, but I’m also going to the doctor’s to see about an allergy test.

I was really hoping I’d have some great recipes to share with you. The trouble is with so many restrictions, making anything is really hard. Kurt made one thing that was really good. We were going to try to make tortillas, but they just didn’t work, so he somehow magically turned it all into pie. The crust was a lot like cornbread, but made out of sorghum flour. I wasn’t there when he made it though, so I don’t know what else he used.

I did make squares yesterday that turned out pretty good. Here’s the link. They are grain, dairy, egg, refined oil, and refined sugar-free. I’m pretty sure they fit in the restrictions of any diet, except a nut or coconut allergy.


I had to use walnuts instead of almonds for the crust since I made them on Family Day and nothing was open. I slightly overcooked it, that it why the crust is so dark, opps! I also have been keeping them in the fridge, otherwise they are just a gooey mess. They really satisfy my desire for dessert though, and that makes me happy!

Here are some other things I’ve been eating:




So, I will probably keep it up for at least another week, unless my doctor says otherwise. We will have to wait and see.

Elimination Diet

I mentioned last week that I am doing an elimination diet. For those of you who don’t know, this isn’t a weight loss diet. I am doing it in order to (hopefully) figure out what foods I am sensitive/allergic to.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had tummy troubles. I’m usually able to control it for the most part by being very careful about what I eat, drinking a lot of water and trying to keep stress down. This isn’t always enough though. Sometimes I still get really bad pains and gas after eating. This sometimes lasts for days. I also get hives. They used to just pop up every one in a while, usually on my back. For the past 3 weeks, though, I’ve had many and as they go away more just pop up.

So the plan is to follow a strict diet for 21 days. This time is to heal my body and allow everything to sort of settle and calm down. Basically I’m not eating: soy, dairy, eggs, red meat, wheat, gluten, citrus and sugar. After the 3 weeks I will introduce one food every day and pay close attention for any symptoms. This should help me pinpoint what the problem is.

Supposedly once you’ve figured out what it is, if you avoid it for 6 months you can generally re-introduce the food with success. I’m really hoping that will be the case if I find out it’s something that’s a staple to me.

So far I am feeling fairly crummy, which I’ve read is to be expected for the first few days. I’m really hoping it gets better soon.

Here are the sources I’ve found useful: