Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Bites

This recipe is a big deal to me. It is an answer to my pleas. It fills a hole I’ve felt in my life for a while. I see recipes for no-bake energy bites (and other no bakes things) on Pinterest and blogs all the time. Hopefully, I nearly always click on the recipe. Dates. The main ingredient is always dates. I not only hate dates, but pretty much ever dried fruit. I hate them to the point that if I accidentally eat something with a raisin in it, I will spit it out. My disgust with dates has left me in the cold while everyone else is enjoying lovely things. Until today. I have discovered a no-bake energy bite that not only contains no dates, but there is also no coconut (another offender) and it contains things that I regularly have (except for one minor substitution).

Here is the recipe. I didn’t use the cinnamon (though strangely, they ended up tasting a lot like it anyways, I think it’s the flax), the chocolate chips (to make them healthier) or the candy things (I’ve never seen those before). I also changed the chia seeds to hemp since that’s what I had. I also ground the almonds myself in the food processor.

They took about 10 minutes to make and they are definitely good. Kurt finds them a little dense and I find them a little cinnamony, but because I’ve been waiting so long, I just don’t care. They are wonderful.