Lentil Veggie Curry

We’ve been trying to have a good curry meal once a week. Last week I made this:
Most Indian recipes are daunting because they use a lot of unfamiliar spices and things that I don’t usually have on hand. This has been my go-to recipe for a while now. The first time I made it there was only one ingredient that I had to go out and buy, which was the curry paste. I had everything else on hand (except for the ginger root, which I left out, since I hate ginger).
Anyways, this time I used the recipe as a base, but added some chunks of potato, sweet potato and carrot. It was also a little acidic so I put some yogurt in at the end.
We ate it with Ashley’s 5 Minute Naan, which was also really good. Though I think next time I will roll it out a little thicker. That’s just me though!