Replacing ‘Processed’ Food

Today I read this post. It reminded me of me! I do this when deciding on my grocery list quite often. I need (insert desired food item), but I hate buying it because (it’s expensive/chock full of crap/comes in undesirable container), so I decide to pursue the internet and see how easy it would be to make myself. Often it turns out it is doable.

A lot of things I haven’t been able to sustain though. For example, last year I spent a few hours and made tons of crackers from scratch. They were pretty good and lasted a while, but it was just so much work that I haven’t done it again.

The big store-bought item I replaced this year was all tomato products. I made my own canned tomatoes, and froze my own tomato paste and a general sauce. That was basically the last canned item we bought, other than the occasional apple juice.

There are some things that I would love to be making from scratch, but we just don’t have the freezer space. I hate buying perogies and broth, but it’s a lot of work to make them so it’s not worth it for just a small batch.

The point is, when you are buying food be conscious of what you are buying. Don’t buy food out of habit. Choose one thing that you buy a lot of and try to make it. It may turn out it’s much easier than you thought.