We had a movie night at my brother’s the other day and I decided to use it as an opportunity to taste test some more wedding dessert ideas. There were two different types of candied popcorns that I had pinned and I wanted to see which would be better.

The first recipe I tried is the weird purple one. Here is the recipe. Definitely check it out because her’s look so much cuter than mine. It’s so simple. All I did was pop the corn in the microwave (I used the paper bag method, since my mom’s air popper wasn’t worker). I spread the popcorn out on a cookie sheet then I took those flat chocolate disks and melted them in the microwave. Lastly, I drizzled the chocolate over the popcorn and stirred it around with two wooden spoons. Once the chocolate had dried a little I put it in a bowl. This recipe is great because it’s easy, tastes amazing and the popcorn hardens without sticking together too much. Things that I’d do differently next time is to not mix two colours of chocolates (I used red and baby blue, then when it came out a horrible burgundy I added some blue food colouring, the results were slightly better). I think using white and adding sprinkles like the link showed would be best. Also, take the time to pick out of unpopped kernels, because they will stick to the popcorn and the potential for breaking teeth is large.

As for the second recipe (the yellowish tinged one), I didn’t like it as much. I think it would be good for making popcorn balls, but for eating like this, it was just too sticky and it never really hardened, plus it was much more labour intensive. Here is the recipe in case you want to check it out anyways. We may have done something wrong to make it not harden, but even so, I would prefer the chocolate one.

As for the wedding, our desserts table plan is shaping up nicely! And it is definitely fun trying all of these cute recipes!