Another Weird Recipe

While cruising Pinterest (I seriously have to stop starting posts with those words) I stumbled upon something magical. I don’t even remember what drew me to it, the picture wasn’t fantastic and I think it said something about cookies with protein. Not something I would ordinarily care about. Anyways, fate brought me to the recipe. I knew I would try it, but if it would turn out was another question. It was quite simple. Take chickpeas (gasp), add peanut butter and chocolate chips.

Kurt kept suggesting I just use chickpea flour instead. I responded with ‘oh ye of little faith’. No, I didn’t, but I wish I had.

So, I made the cookies. I had to puree the chickpeas in the blender because we don’t have a food processor (I don’t advise this, because it’s really hard to get it out afterwards and a processor probably breaks them down better). I mixed it all in a bowl together and threw in a handful of oatmeal for good measure. I should also tell you that I used sugar instead of honey (half brown, half white).

They emerged from the oven and we ate 3 each immediately. They were that good. They were moist and gooey and delicious. They also had protein, no fat (that I know of), and very little sugar.

We probably would have eaten the whole batch if we hadn’t been watching a really disgusting horror movie.

The day after they are still wondering, but I’ve been warming them up.

You seriously have to try this one. Here’s the link:

In other news I’m really freaked out about this giant, scary storm that’s supposed to hit here later today or tomorrow. I saw that they have evacuated some areas in the states, but the news seems to be saying that my area will be hit the worst. Yicks. I’ve never experienced the kind of storm where you need to have ‘supplies for 72 hours’. We have some water prepared, but I’m not really sure what else to do, other than make more cookies.