Wedding Decor- Flowers

Flowers proved to be one of the trickier parts of the wedding planning. I knew exactly what I wanted and had pinned all these gorgeous pictures of wild flower arrangements in mason jars, with plans to do the same thing. However, when I actually got around to inquiring about the prices of the flowers, I was shocked, $8 for one flower! Also, many of the flowers I wanted are unavailable in July. Darn.

So onto Plan B. About a week before I went around to all of the grocery stores and scouted who had the best flowers for good prices. Two days before the wedding I drove around to 3 stores and bought a bunch of bouquets. The night before I separated all of the flowers into piles and put them into a big bucket of water for the night.


The day of I arranged smaller bouquets and put them into the old bottles that I had previously spray painted. I put the bottles in clusters on the tables with the little mason jars I had glued lace to. I also put some in antique jars and put them on the gift and favour table.


I really loved that there was a large variety of flower types. This really made the tables cheery and colourful.
The flowers have lasted an amazingly long time. I now have them in vases all over the place and it is such a happy reminder of our day every time I see one.

Wedding Beauty

Happy Canada Day! We are spending our day driving to the airport hotel. Hopefully we will be able to see some firework from there.

For our wedding there are many things we have done to save and spend as little as possible. One such thing is making our food. Another smaller thing is that I will be doing my own hair and makeup. I was planning on doing my own nails as well, but then I thought that going to get my nails done with a friend is a fun tradition that I would like to do (especially since I’ve never gotten a pedicure in my life).

For my hair, I plan to have it down in loose curls. I’ve been practicing for a few months now to get it right. I used youtube videos to learn how to do it with my straightener, since I’m generally lost when it comes to this type of this. I also purchased flower hair clips from here on etsy.


(phone picture, sorry for the quality)

For my makeup, I’m not really sure what I’m doing yet. The only makeup thing I regularly wear is mascara. I’ve bought some mineral makeup to use and other than that I think I will just do something simple with my eyes and put on some coloured lip gloss and that will be that. Since it’s an outdoor event at my family’s farm I don’t have to do anything fancy.

I’m trying to keep things simple and reflective of who I am and I think these are some ways to do this. I will be posting on wedding clothes soon also, so stay tuned!