The Dreaded Candy Bowl

What, you say? Candy…dreaded? Oh yes my friends, the candy bowl is a problem. You see each birthday and Christmas Kurt and I (mainly him) amass a large amount of candy. For some reason people like to buy Kurt strange (and usually disgusting) candy. We like candy, but the problem is most of this is stuff we don’t like, or don’t like enough to care about eating. Generally whatever doesn’t get eaten in 2 weeks sit. In the dreaded candy bowl, taking up space and creating clutter.

Soon is Christmas, the season of more candy. In an attempt to lessen the problem I’ve challenged Kurt to get rid of at least one thing from the bowl per day, either eating or throwing away. Hopefully there are more days until Christmas than there are candy items. Everything that comes into the house from the holidays will be given an expiry date. If it’s still kicking around by that day, it’s gone. Simple. Hopefully it works!

Here’s the candy bowl now:

It actually doesn’t look too bad in the picture, trust me though, it’s bad. This is also in addition to a bowl of Halloween candy we bought on clearance. Don’t judge!