Being Present

This past weekend we went to a concert in the city. It was a band that Kurt had been wanting to see for more than a decade. He grinned through the whole thing. It was great. We didn’t bring a camera, though I think Kurt would have liked a few pictures. Not worrying about getting a great shot really allows you to experience what is going on. You don’t have to worry about anything else, but watching and being present. There were very few people there without cameras. This is becoming increasingly true in every part of life because cell phones take such great pictures now. There were people taking pictures of every second not worrying about quality, there were those taking painstakingly beautiful photos and then there were those who just took video of the whole show.

It may be nice to be able to look back later and watch the whole concert again, but I think in order to do this you affect the experience you get when you are actually there. Not to mention the experience of the person behind you, whose view will be blocked by your camera and who will be forced to distraction by the tiny version of what is going on in front of them. Just try it, leave your camera at home and be present.