Backyard= Big Mess

Let me introduce you to our backyard:




It was one of the reasons we bought the house. The yard is huge and backs right onto a conservation area with a park, walking trails and a river. It will be a while before we get it to where we want it though.
Right now it’s a big mess. Currently there are piles of garbage (from demoing the pool and left by the last guy) and huge piles of pulled weeds and cut down tree limbs. There is lots to do. The biggest jobs will be demolishing the pool (it wasn’t in good shape when we bought the house), levelling the part of the yard that was built up for the pool, landscaping (or at least getting a handle on the thistle population) and building a deck. There are also smaller things I’d love to do like build raised beds for vegetables (to keep the bunnies out), maybe make a patio area and also make flower gardens.
It has so much potential it’s is just going to be so much work and time before we get it there. Eventually we hope to have a beautiful, low maintenance oasis, but for now we have a lot of hard work in front of us!