Summer Slow Down

Our summers are usually fiercely busy and therefore go by way to fast. The main problem is that we try to stretch ourselves too thin. We spend most of the summer in Northern Ontario where our parents live. We then split our time between Kurt’s father’s camp, his mother’s house and my mom’s. Plus there are also other random people to spend time with. This all equals a lot of driving around and being stretched thin. It’s hard because we want to be able to spend time with everyone, but on the other hand summer is our vacation time so we should be able to relax.

This summer will be especially busy because we have our trip to Belize, then our wedding, plus we have our own home now that we will likely spend some time at.

But this summer I’m going to make a conscious effort for things to be different. I would like to slow down and enjoy my time with my family. I will say no to some things, and try to leave time to be spontaneous. I am going to try to savour every last minute of my summer. I’m going to try to have this attitude during wedding preparations also. Hopefully I can succeed at my mission!

Travelling with Cats

Later this week I will be embarking on a dreaded journey. I will be travelling with these guys:


Sure they look all sweet and quiet in this picture, but them doesn’t mean that getting them into a car is any picnic.

As soon as the carrier comes out Homer bolts, usually under a bed where it is really difficult to retrieve him. Heck, he’s even on edge if a suitcase comes out. Daisy on the other hand, only reacts once Homer does and her hiding….we let’s say she won’t be winning any hide and seek tournaments. She’s better at playing dead.

Oct&Nov '11 039

So anyways, after we run around and try to catch them the real fun begins. We put them in the car and as soon as we’re to the end of the street the performance has begun. It’s almost as if they think that if they hit the right octave of meows that I will turn the car around and go home. Their ranges go from pathetic squeaky little meows to what we affectionately call Homer’s fog horn noises. It’s really quite hard on the nerves. Even a short trip down the street to the vet is made horrible by this.

Thankfully, the eventually fall asleep. Until, heaven forbid, I have to stop for any reason. Then it starts all over again. Fun.

Anyways, here are some of my tips to make travelling by car with cats less terrible:

We have a soft sided carrier similar to this. We switched from a regular plastic one because Homer was scratching at the air holes and the plastic was hurting his little toes. The only thing with a soft carrier is that you should check the seams before you travel, otherwise you may have a problem (speaking from experience) when your cats Houdini out mid-trip.

We try to keep them covered in a blanket so that they can’t see out the window. I think this helps them not panic when they see the movement of the vehicle.

Also try to the vehicle cool, otherwise they may overheat. When I am travelling alone with them, like later this week I put them in the front seat so that the AC reaches them easily.

I try to make sure that their claws are trimmed before we leave. This helps with less destruction to the carrier.

I don’t give them any sort of medicine or anything before we travel, because I don’t really think those things are safe. I wanted to get them Thundershirts, like this cool kitty, but Kurt wouldn’t let me. If you’ve tried them on your cat with success let me know, it may sway him.

Last tip (I almost forgot this one, but it is tremendously important), cats hate Megadeth (or any other loud metal). Whenever something like that comes on the radio the cats immediately wake up and start howling, or maybe I’m wrong and they are singing along. Either way, it’s best avoided.

The Great Canadian Cheese Festival

On Saturday we travelled a little over an hour East to Picton to attend the Great Canadian Cheese Festival. It was our first time attending, but it probably will be something we will attend again. There were over 200 vendors, selling mainly cheese, wine and preserves. I think I ate about 20 pounds of cheese. Or at least it felt like it by the afternoon. We actually didn’t even buy any cheese to take home because we didn’t want to carry it around in the heat (it was sooooo hot) all day so we planned to buy before leaving, but I was so cheesed out that I really didn’t want to buy anything and the one Kurt wanted to buy was sold out.

My favorite was probably the varieties of sheep’s cheese from Best Baa Dairy. I also enjoyed the Belgian Chocolate Brownie I bought to take home from Yummy Cookies.


I also got to milk this plastic cow, so that was cool.


All in all it was a fun day out. Next year we might attend some of the lectures, hopefully they aren’t so expensive!
It’s nice that we live in a region that celebrates the food it produces through unique and enjoyable events such as these!


There are 24 days of school left. That’s very few days to get all of my lists done. I have a wedding list (find a florist, make favours, figure out the food), I have a trip list (finalize schedule, figure out vaccines, confirm hotels and excursions) and I have house stuff list (make bedroom curtains, make a pot rack, paint chalkboard wall, poke holes in our empty pool that we’re demoing so that it doesn’t fill up again while we are gone).
I only have a few weeks to finish these things and more before school ends, because then life will happen rapid fire. I think I need a serious game plan to pull this all off! If anyone is available to do become my personal s̶l̶a̶v̶e̶ , errr, I mean assistant for a few weeks just let me know!


As I’ve mentioned we are moving soon, a week from Saturday to be exact. Before that we are going away for a little while (sadly, not somewhere warm). So this week I’ve been packing. I hate packing for trips, but I actually don’t mind packing to move. I think it’s nice to go through everything, get rid of some stuff and fit the rest nicely into boxes. The cats, on the other hand are oscillating between being overjoyed with jumping in boxes and glaring at me for taking out suitcases (they know suitcases mean travel, which they hate).
We will be getting back Wednesday, going to the lawyer’s to sign the papers and then getting the keys Friday. It’s very exciting!

Holiday Recap

Well, we are now back in the swing of things. The holidays are over (sadly) and school has started again. My holidays were good, but they felt too short, and much too busy. There was a lot of travelling and a lot of ferrying back and forth to family’s houses. I really wish it didn’t have to be like that, but because I think it might always be.

I tried to be conscious of my eating and it seemed to go fairly well. There were only a couple of days that I felt really sick. I really think that drinking a lot of water helped and also avoiding greasy food. When we got back on Saturday we had a ‘detox’ meal to overload on health after all of the junk we’d been eating.


I’d like to make this a month of super healthy eating, but despite how healthy our meals are with the amount of junk food we have in the house right now from Christmas, this will not be a healthy month.

Savour Stratford

This past weekend we drove over to Stratford for their 5th annual Savour event. This was our second year attending. What it is, basically, is a weekend event celebrating all things culinary. They have tastings, meals prepared by local chefs, lectures, food vendors and a market. This year we attended talks on bee-keeping, breaking down a chicken (and using most of the parts), and fermenting. We also saw a presentation with David Rocco. We also got to eat some great food. The things I like most about this event is that it brings so many different groups and people together just to celebrate food. It is fantastic.