Summer Slow Down

I’ve been seeing ‘Summer Bucket Lists’ popping up here and there. Though we have 3 weeks of school left here, I am definitely starting to get into the summer frame of mind. I was actually going to do a bucket list post, but then I thought against it. Usually I am all for goals, lists and schedules, but I want this summer to be different.

We already have plans for the summer. Too many plans if you ask me. Trips, visitors, weddings. Even two months can start to seem like not enough time if you try to cram too much into it.

This summer I want to go slowly. Sleep late, read on the deck, eat on the grass outside, sit up late by the campfire. Just enjoy the time.

I want to move slow, be quiet, take time. I want to enjoy the garden, the lake, and any other place I happen to find myself.

I guess that is my summer bucket list.

WWF CN Tour Climb: In Pictures

*Note this was a hands-free event so nothing, including cameras (and water…) was actually allowed to go past check in, so pictures are all from before and after


Train ride on the way to the big climb.


This is the thing I was about the climb.


We made it! 144 flights (plus about 10 additional ones that they don’t tell you about at the end). We did it in 35 minutes.

It was horrible at times, but I felt very proud afterwards. As an added bonus my legs weren’t sore at all the next day!

May Goals

Well April was quite a month. We had snow and then we had rain with very little in between. Though we did manage to clean up the backyard a little, it was definitely not as much as I’d hoped. I think by this time last year we had our gardens planted. I’m really hoping for more sun this month.

May is going to be a pretty busy month. We have something planned for every weekend. This weekend is the CN Tour Stair Climb. My Mom and Nana are visiting for one weekend, we are helping someone move another and the only empty weekend we plan to plant the garden.

Because of this and the four jobs I currently have I will be keeping things light (looking back I realized I said that last month…). Some of my goals have carried over from last month because they just didn’t get done.

1. Clean out the garage and have a yard sale

2. Start planning meals again (too many nights of last minute decisions)

3. Clean up and plant flowers in the far back yard (if the tree branch gets removed)

4. Start walking/biking regularly again

April Goals

The day before April it was as if Spring just all of a sudden arrived (kind of). It’s warm enough for no winter coat now and I’m finally back in sneakers after the long months of boots. With the changing season comes some of my favourite things. Walks outside, eating breakfast beside a sunny window, Cadbury cream egg McFlurries, and some of my less favourite things; Homer meowing at the door for hours wanting to go outside, and mud.



(That’s his eager, ‘take me outside to eat grass’ face)

This is kind of a crazy month for us. We have both been so busy lately. We are hosting Easter at our house and we have visitors coming this weekend so we are trying to finish painting the living room. This has made the house a disaster zone. Right now it looks like this:


(No those aren’t spots on the camera, there were actually that many holes that had to be plastered, I think the previous owners practiced darts on every wall)

There is plaster dust everywhere.


My goals for this month are fairly light because of the busyness and because I’m sure I will be doing a lot of backyard jobs.

1. Train/exercise 3 times per week. In May we are participating in the WWF CN Tour Climb. Where I will be, you guessed it, climbing the CN Tour, a total of 1 776 stairs. We definitely need to start training.

2. Finish my quilt. I’ve been working on a triangle quilt. I’m so sick of cutting triangles, but I only have 94 left to go. Then I can start the fun parts.

3. Clean up the garage. Since we moved we the garage has been a dumping ground. It is a huge mess! We will be having a garage sale at some point and getting rid of most of the junk (hopefully). Then we can create some organization systems for in there.

4. Clean up the yard. The winter wasn’t kind to our yard this year. Once the ground fully thaws I want to clean everything up and plant some flowers. Most of our vegetable seeds having already been started inside.

I know the month will go fast, so I’m just really hoping to get outside and enjoy it!

I really wanted to end this post with a picture of some beautiful Spring flowers for you, but alas all we have are tiny green stumps and garlic shoots. Not so pretty.

Pre-Spring To Do’s

I think everyone already knows this, but this has been a terrible, cold, snowy winter. It’s been really hard getting motivated to get things done. I know, I’ve said this all before. I know that once the weather gets warm I won’t want to be inside, I will want to be outside gardening, cleaning up the yard and garage, and attacking the once-was-a-pool with full vigour. So, in order to motivate myself and be a little accountable, here is my list of things to get done before the weather is nice. There isn’t a specific end date for this, but the sooner the better!

1. Patch, prime and paint the living room and downstairs hall
2. Bake donuts (I keep wanting to, but then I just eat chocolate instead)
3. Hang art in the office
4. Crochet something (I’ve tried to learn so many times, but I plan to succeed this month)
5. Book window guy (we are getting our windows replaced! It’s very exciting/expensive)

Strange list of goals, I know. Come Spring I will have more exciting and fun goals to strive to complete (I know Spring technically starts soon, but in Ontario it’s never really springish until late April). Maybe I should make a seasonal goal list. That sounds more sustainable than monthly.

Anyone else making goals?

Goals Update- December



My November goals went fairly well. I finished Christmas shopping and prepping the garden for winter. We are nearly done the last bedroom (just one more coat) and we also have the upstairs hall plastered and ready for paint. I am a couple of days short of finishing my yoga challenge because we’ve been super busy lately, but I am going to finish this week. I really enjoyed doing yoga and I actually noticed that I feel a lot stronger (especially my core), flexible and mindful of my body so I’d like to continue doing it.

As for December goals, I am not going to go crazy since we will be away for part of the month and I want to leave room for holiday stuff (like lots of cocoa!)

So here are my December goals:
1. Replace the kitchen faucet (it’s been leaking badly), finish painting and put the rooms back in order (there is furniture everywhere!)
2. Use up pantry items in preparation for operation Kitchen Clean-up (coming soon)
3. Begin taking probiotics and daily vitamins to prepare for staying healthy during holiday travel
4. Slow down, relax and spend quality time with family during holiday season

Is anyone else setting goals this month? How do you try to keep yourself motivated?

Organizing Home Renovations

It has been nearly ten months since we moved into our new house. We’ve quite a bit of work on it since then including new floors upstairs, re-doing the downstairs bathroom, starting to demo the pool, cleaning up the yard and making gardens. We still have a long way to go until the house is where we want it.

Sometimes it is so overwhelming when I think of all the jobs that need to be done. Many of the jobs are big and will take a lot of time and money. Others are smaller, but there are so many of these that I feel like I don’t know where to start.

What I’ve done to try to organize it all is to make a list (I put it on Google Docs so that both Kurt and I can edit it). I organized the list by small (things that only take a little time and money to do), medium, and large (jobs that will cost over $1000 and will take multiple days).

It still seemed like a lot. I went through the list and put stars beside the jobs that I would like to finish before the summer, since summer is when we travel and try to get as much outside work done as possible. I didn’t choose any big jobs since we already did the floors this year and I think one expensive job a year is enough. I chose the jobs that need to be done soon for safety or practical reasons (for example, changing out the leaky faucet in the kitchen to avoid damage to the cabinets).

When I look at it this way it is much more manageable. By focusing on a few jobs at a time we can wait for sales on those things and then go from there.

Does any have an great systems for organizing home repairs/renovations?

Grocery and Goals Update

We did much better for groceries this week. Squash was on sale so we bought a bunch, probably enough to see us through the winter. I also bought a big bag of apples, a few sweet potatoes, spinach, bananas and collard greens. So, we did pretty good for fruits and veggies. I feel like we haven’t been doing very well with actually cooking though. Lately our dinners haven’t been very satisfying. Especially because there haven’t been good leftovers for lunches. I think we need to get back into meal planning. I think because it gets dark so early now that I feel rushed for dinner and we just end up throwing some things together.

Anyways, the total for groceries this week is $44.31. Not too bad.

As for goals, I’m doing pretty well. I’m onto day 19 of my 30 day yoga challenge. I just realized the other day that I can actually touch my toes from standing with straight legs now for the first time since I was probably about 4. The yoga challenge is amazing. I’m definitely doing to continue using the videos after this month.

We also finished painting one room. It’s much brighter than I expected, but it’s what Kurt wanted so I can live with it. Hopefully once we get the furniture back it that will absorb some of the intense glow. We bought the paint for the other room and the hall so we are good to go with that too.

We got the gardens completely prepped for winter. Which I mentioned here. Sadly we had crazy wind storms a few days after I had carefully laid all of those newspaper, so they blew away. Boo. Otherwise though, the gardens are good to go, which is good since we’ve already had some wintery weather.

The last goal was to finish my Christmas shopping. I haven’t quite gotten to this yet, but I am hopeful that I can still get it done!

I hope your Novemebers are going productive and enjoyable!

November Goals

I decided to start setting monthly goals. I will try four goals per month. Hopefully this will help me get done those little nagging things that I keep putting off. So for November I want to:
1. Paint the remaining two bedrooms upstairs
2. Finish preparing the gardens for winter (I still have a bit of research to do on this)
3. Finish the 30 day yoga challenge I started (I injured my back, so I stopped mid way through)
4. Finish Christmas shopping (I want to get it all done before December, since I refuse to brave the Christmas rush mall)

So there they are. It doesn’t look like too much to accomplish in a month, but often life gets in the way and I get distracted with different, more fun projects.