One Year as Homeowners

Today is the anniversary of the day we bought our house. This time last year we were running around like chickens sans heads to get everything done in time for our closing. It was crazy. Owning our own home has also been fairly crazy, but in a mostly good way. It often surprises me how expensive it is though. Even if you don’t consider the actual costs of buying a house (which are huge and seemingly never-ending as you get deeper into the process), just living in a house is expensive. It is so worth it though. It just makes me feel so happy that the walls surrounding me are MINE (and Kurt’s). When we are away I worry about our house (especially since we always seem to be away during crazy house killing storms), and strangely I also miss our house and the fact that we can create the lives we want here.





I will leave you with our sad attempt at a family photo.

March Break

This week we are on a break from school. We spent the first half visiting our family in our hometown. We played board games, watched tv (a rare treat for us), ate junk and just hung out. It was fun. Yesterday we drove back though some pretty terrible weather. That wasn’t so fun.






Now that the travelling is over and done we have a few days left to rest and hopefully get some jobs around the house done!

Around Here Lately:

We’ve been trying to enjoy the sun. And itching for Spring.


We’ve been watching some wanted visitors.


And plotting against some unwanted ones.


We’ve been smiling about nature’s free car wash.


But unhappily dealing with the leaky window aftermath.

Oh Winter, you’re wet, cold, cruel, yet beautiful.

Valetine’s Day

Every year Kurt wants to skip Valentine’s Day. I don’t know what his problem is with it. Personally, I love all holidays and think any excuse to celebrate and do something special is great. We usually just make a special meal and a desert. This year, however, I plan to be a few days into my elimination diet come Friday, so food may not be the best way to celebrate.

What we have decided to do it go on a moonlight snowshoe. I saw it advertised in the paper. One of the nearby conservation areas is hosting it for free, including lending out the snowshoes, so I’m really excited. I think it sounds like a great way to enjoy each other’s company, get out of the house and be in nature, all for free!

I also saw an idea on Pinterest (I can’t find the original right now) for celebrating with kids and I’ve adapted it. The first day of the month I hung a ribbon on the wall and a little heart that says: “I love you because” now each day I add another heart with something written on it.


I think it’s important to take every opportunity we can to tell people how much we love them. I want our relationship to be strong and for Kurt to always know that I love and appreciate him.

Anyone else doing anything special for this lovely month?


Sorry for the explained absence. I struggle this time of year with motivation to do anything. The days feel too short (especially since the sun goes down before 6), tasks seem too big and the house seems to cold. I put things off until they just go undone.

So, what’s new? Not a whole lot. We’ve been busy on the weekends with visiting others and having people visit us. We are getting quotes for new windows (expensive!) and I’m trying to convince Kurt to let me paint the living room white. I have 7 white paint chips taped to the wall and he thinks I’m crazy (they’re all the same- he says).

It is my birthday next Monday, I’m excited!

I am planning on starting an elimination diet for 3 weeks starting next week, so I’ve been planning for that. I tried one a long time ago, but I had to stop after a few days because I was just so starving! I’m hoping a lot of planning will get me through it. I will post more on this soon.

Little by little some of our rooms are starting to come together so I’d like to do a few room updates. Maybe I should wait until we have baseboards? But who knows when that will be…it doesn’t bug me enough to really get on it, not like our beige living room.

More to come!

Back in Action

We have returned to an shoveled driveway, needy cats and dying house plants. It’s good to be home. Our holiday travels were as usual filled with excess. Too much food, too much driving, too little time. We clocked about 32 hours of travel time, which is slightly less than usual, but still waaaay more than I want. Despite all of this, our holidays were great.

Being away during ‘The Great Ice Storm’ was stressful though. The power was out here for two twelve+ hour stretches so I was very worried about the cats being too cold. Happily, upon our return, they both seem happy and healthy (though Daisy hasn’t more than a foot from me since I came in the door).

The trees in town did not fare so well. When we were driving into town we noticed tree branches, and trees split in half all over. The damage in town has been cleaned up and there are now piles of cut up branches on lawns waiting to be collected. Our trees all seem okay, but there is a huge branch that fell into our yard from a big tree behind our yard (in the conservation area) so we will have to figure out what to do about that. Luckily there was no property damage, but I am very sad for the trees. Tomorrow, if the temperature gets high enough not to cause frost bite (18 Celsius below zero today) I’m going to go take a closer look at the trees, just to make sure.

I hope you, your family and your trees had a wonderful holiday (and that it isn’t so darn cold wherever you are)!

Goings On

Lately we’ve been:

Hanging pictures onto our newly painted walls.



Organizing under sinks.

Building cat forts. Got to use the guest bed for something, right?




Travelling sans cats this year (they’re at home with a pet sitter). I miss them terribly.

Considering our future kitchen reno.

Planning travel for the summer.


Crying over Season Three of Downton Abbey.

Spending time with friends and family.

Gingerbread Cookies

These are definitely one of the more fun holiday treats to make. I’m not actually going to link to the recipe I used because I wasn’t crazy about the texture of the cookies. It was supposed to be a ‘soft gingerbread’ but came out more chewy. Here are some pictures of what we made though.






Some decorating tips:

-if you decorate before baking, lightly spray the cookies with water to help the sprinkles stick, also don’t expect everything to look exactly the same when you take it out, our chocolate candy sunflower seeds melted and cracked making everything look slightly demonic
-if you decorate after baking and use icing make sure it is sticky enough for the sprinkles to stick, but thick enough to keep its shape
-if you buy a cookie decorating kit and it comes with a squeeze bag of icing put it in a bowl of warm water first, it makes it way easier to work with
-if you let husbands help you decorate, don’t expect cookies that you can give to people, or show children