May Goals

Well April was quite a month. We had snow and then we had rain with very little in between. Though we did manage to clean up the backyard a little, it was definitely not as much as I’d hoped. I think by this time last year we had our gardens planted. I’m really hoping for more sun this month.

May is going to be a pretty busy month. We have something planned for every weekend. This weekend is the CN Tour Stair Climb. My Mom and Nana are visiting for one weekend, we are helping someone move another and the only empty weekend we plan to plant the garden.

Because of this and the four jobs I currently have I will be keeping things light (looking back I realized I said that last month…). Some of my goals have carried over from last month because they just didn’t get done.

1. Clean out the garage and have a yard sale

2. Start planning meals again (too many nights of last minute decisions)

3. Clean up and plant flowers in the far back yard (if the tree branch gets removed)

4. Start walking/biking regularly again