On Illness

This weekend I was struck down with my first and only sickness this school year. Not one cold, flu or bug afflicted me all through the long winter (which is a big deal to someone who works with children all day). But then Spring shows her face and bam, strep throat. Fever, aches, super sore throat, major headache and nausea were all suffered. But after a couple days of long naps, and lots of water I am already feeling better. Not one hundred percent, but just about. I think I must be doing something right, immune system wise. Or maybe after a few years of sneezing, coughing, nose running children, I’ve caught everything there is to catch!

I’m really hoping that this boasting about my run of health doesn’t jinx me, there is nothing worse than a long cold during Spring!

Hope everyone else out there is feeling well and enjoying lovely weather!

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