English Muffins

I love making breads. The are fairly simple as far as ingredients go, and though they generally take a lot of time, much of it is spent waiting. Making bread is a great lazy day activity, especially since there will sandwiches at the end of it.

English muffins are no different. There are many steps, but they take place over a long period of time. People also seem really impressed when you tell them you made english muffins.

I adapted this recipe to work for me. I used a mixture of spelt and all purpose flour, and butter instead of shortening. I ended up with 8 good sized english muffins.


You basically mix the dough, then knead for a while. Let it rise, then divide it into balls, rise again. Cook each side in a pan, then bake. So it sounds like a lot of steps, but each one is easy and quick.






The result was great. They looked very much like english muffins (I think sprinkling them with cornmeal helps with this), and tasted great. We’ve been eating them with sandwiches, hamburgers, and eggs. Yum!



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