One Year as Homeowners

Today is the anniversary of the day we bought our house. This time last year we were running around like chickens sans heads to get everything done in time for our closing. It was crazy. Owning our own home has also been fairly crazy, but in a mostly good way. It often surprises me how expensive it is though. Even if you don’t consider the actual costs of buying a house (which are huge and seemingly never-ending as you get deeper into the process), just living in a house is expensive. It is so worth it though. It just makes me feel so happy that the walls surrounding me are MINE (and Kurt’s). When we are away I worry about our house (especially since we always seem to be away during crazy house killing storms), and strangely I also miss our house and the fact that we can create the lives we want here.





I will leave you with our sad attempt at a family photo.

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