What I Learned from My Diet

My elimination diet is officially over. Here are the things I learned about myself, food and life in general though the process:
– flax milk is horrible and should not have ever been invented
– despite what everyone else seems to think, Bob’s Gluten Free All Purpose flour was, in my opinion, gross
– surprisingly with all of the restrictions, what I missed most was eggs
– also surprisingly, I did not crave anything
– life without an after school snack is almost not worth living
– when offered a donut, I am capable of saying no
– the time and money needed to eat healthy on a restricted diet is really shocking
– gluten-free products are almost all rice
– the second ingredient in Rice Crispies is sugar (silly me thought they were just rice)

And the most important thing I learned (the entire point of this endeavour):

– from what I can tell I have no food allergies or sensitivities, other than those I already knew of (whole wheat flour, pork and high fat foods).

I wish there were an ending to this story, but currently there is not!

6 thoughts on “What I Learned from My Diet

    • I did it for 2 and a half weeks. I was planning on going for 3 weeks, but I didn’t notice any changes, so I figured why suffer for nothing. The sources I read all said either 2 or 3 weeks.

      • oh how did she do on it? I hear great things about it cause I have leaky gut syndrome and candida and tons of allergies. I was told to try this diet but it seems so hard cause you eat chicken bone broth with meat and over cooked veggies and then slowly add foods in. I really should do it cause I want to cure my allergies. I know a girl who cured her allergies so it gives me hope.

      • It really helped her. It was actually amazing. One day her mom felt bad and let her have some cereal for a treat, and she regressed so much just from that one thing. It is a really tough diet to stick to though. Very restrictive.

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