Back in Action

We have returned to an shoveled driveway, needy cats and dying house plants. It’s good to be home. Our holiday travels were as usual filled with excess. Too much food, too much driving, too little time. We clocked about 32 hours of travel time, which is slightly less than usual, but still waaaay more than I want. Despite all of this, our holidays were great.

Being away during ‘The Great Ice Storm’ was stressful though. The power was out here for two twelve+ hour stretches so I was very worried about the cats being too cold. Happily, upon our return, they both seem happy and healthy (though Daisy hasn’t more than a foot from me since I came in the door).

The trees in town did not fare so well. When we were driving into town we noticed tree branches, and trees split in half all over. The damage in town has been cleaned up and there are now piles of cut up branches on lawns waiting to be collected. Our trees all seem okay, but there is a huge branch that fell into our yard from a big tree behind our yard (in the conservation area) so we will have to figure out what to do about that. Luckily there was no property damage, but I am very sad for the trees. Tomorrow, if the temperature gets high enough not to cause frost bite (18 Celsius below zero today) I’m going to go take a closer look at the trees, just to make sure.

I hope you, your family and your trees had a wonderful holiday (and that it isn’t so darn cold wherever you are)!

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