Caramel Pretzel Bark

I’ve had this recipe saved for a while, but bark really is a holiday sort of thing so I decided now was the time to try it. It was a super easy recipe. It probably took less than 15 minutes of actually working time, but it looks like something that is labour intensive.



Four things about this recipe: Use strong foil (this will prevent you from later having to pick pieced of aluminium foil out of hard caramel), don’t worry if you caramel is spread evenly since it will turn to lava in the oven and spread itself out, don’t bother melting the chocolate on the stove just sprinkle the chips on after it comes out of the oven and spread the chocolate around with a spatula, if you have to, stick it back in the oven for a few seconds and lastly, I used the stick pretzels, but I think this made my pieces are bark fairly jagged so I think sticking with regular pretzels is best.

I probably just discouraged you from ever wanting to make this what with the bits of foil and lava caramel, but it is super easy and really tasty. It makes a cute gift in a jar with a ribbon.


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