Christmas Baking In One Day (Mostly)

Last Saturday I decided to do all of my baking for Christmas. It actually worked out really well. I chose four recipes that looked good, but that didn’t require any weird ingredients or a lot of hands on time. I also tried to choose things that I could freeze. They were all simple enough that I did it all in one afternoon and clean up was fairly simple.


I will do a post for each recipe, but I thought I would just do an overview of my plan of attack.

The recipes I did were: chocolate fudge, gingerbread men, ginettis, and pretzel bark. Saturday morning I went through the recipes and wrote them all down. Then I went through and wrote down any ingredients that I didn’t have. After we hit the store I got started.


I started the fudge because that had to cook for a while on the stove. While I was doing this I made the dough for the gingerbread men and popped it into the fridge. I finished up the fudge, then left it to cool and did the ginettis. While they were cooling I cut up the fudge. I iced and decorated the ginettis next. The last thing was the bark, since it was a super quick recipe and needed to be watched I did it all in one shot.


The only thing left to do on Sunday was break up the cooled bark into pieces roll out, cut, decorate and bake the gingerbread.

It was really nice to get it all done quickly and only have a messy kitchen for one day instead of several. I will definitely do it this way again next year.


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